Anything Can Be

Around mid-april, I had the privilege of directing a short film for an amazing new fashion and art magazine launching later this year. We went out to a beautiful cabin about 45 minutes south of Nashville and shot a wonderful story about a girl who shuns the notion that she can't possess the latest fashion so she makes it for herself. Art director James Worsham hand carved 4 incredible items for the shoot based on real pieces from this years NY Fashion Week.

While backing up footage, I noticed a stack of cards with quotes on them near my computer and the very first one I read ended up lending us the name of the film as it felt so fitting. 

“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. 
Listen to the don'ts. 
Listen to the shouldn'ts, 
the impossibles, the won'ts. 
Listen to the never haves, 
then listen close to me... 
Anything can happen, child. 
Anything can be.” 

-Shel Silverstein

Check out the film above and some screen grabs below. The photos from the shoot by the unfathomably talented Brett Warren will be in the first issue coming out in September.

Anything Can Be
Directed, photographed, and edited by Joe Gomez
Written by Joe Gomez, James Worsham, and Brett Warren
Produced by Chelsea Beauchamp
Music by Vanita Joines and Seth Jones

joe gomez