I’ve gotten a lot of encouraging “omg where can I buy a loaf?” messages over the last few months as I’ve been diving head first into bread baking. I’m at a crossroads of wanting to bake a lot and not being able to eat everything I make, I’m also at a place with a consistent result that I’m proud to share. All that to say, I think I have a trial run answer to that question.

If you’d like to support both my “bread-ucation” and your carb addiction in one place, you can order a loaf from right here. As of now, I’m selling so I can put some money into trying out new/better flours and get a couple tools (a 2nd dutch oven and bigger mixing containers.)

The loaf I’m going to start this trial run with is a “Pain de Campagne” (“country bread”) that has been adapted from the Flour Salt Water Yeast book by Ken Forkish, who describes it with, “…a golden color to its crumb, subtle round flavors from natural fermentation, and a chewy and delicious crust. It improves with age for a couple of days after baking and can last nearly a week.”

Right now, I’m planning to bake twice a week. There will only be a specific number of loaves per batch, so once they’re claimed, the pick up day will be marked as sold out and will reset each week.

I’ll be in touch once it’s out of the oven and you can pick it up at my home in south Nashville.