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2018: One Second Per Day

2018: One Second Per Day

Through this year I made a few trips west (and a couple east,) baked a couple dozen loaves of bread, ate a few more bowls of ramen, apparently still enamored with everything Mowgli does, helped (in any way I could) Vanita release a record of conviction and beauty, wrote my first feature and a pilot, actually shot and released my first narrative short, read a LOT of books, saw a ton of movies, and spent a lot of time with old friends and made some new ones.

That’s what this video shows, anyways. However, to be honest, I hated this year. It was SO hard and stressful. I failed at so much, struggled at even more, and was lost and in a fog for so much of it. I felt alone and passed by and I even got sick with stress and had shingles like an old man.

…but this video doesn’t lie, there was still something every single day worth filming that, put together, reminds me that 2018 will be a year that I will regard with importance and joy for the rest of my life. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t hard or an endeavor to make it through, but I’m thankful to have made it to this side of the year and have (just short of) 365 seconds of video to take with me.

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Ocean Breeze (BTS)

Ocean Breeze (BTS and Teaser Trailer)

Photo May 20, 2 53 50 PM.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, the galaxy of details aligned and an amazing crew and I found ourselves at the Hallmark Inn near downtown Nashville, transforming it into a beach side motel for a short film that I wrote.

We're currently in post, putting all of the pieces together, but here's a few BTS images of what our shoot day looked like.

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Photo May 20, 10 06 30 AM.jpg
Photo May 20, 8 09 54 AM.jpg

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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Wonder Woman

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes - "Wonder Woman"

In late January, I was asked to make a music video for Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes. They had an amazing song and were willing to trust me to try something a little crazy with it. We shot this video on my iphone 8+ (with the same Moondog Labs anamorphic lens, filmic pro app, and stabilizer that they used on Tangerine,) and I loved it. The process was so fun, the results were so surprising, and it really helped keep the production focused on the important things instead of becoming extensions of the camera department. The thing I loved most about this project was how many friends and family put so much love and attention into putting it together (literally) from the walls, to the choreography, and every other piece of one of the most fun sets and crews I've gotten to direct.

Performance by Elisha Curb and Georgia Marcengill
Producer: Beth Mathews
Director of Photography: Jonathan Marzolla

A few BTS photos:

Photo Jan 23, 4 27 53 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 23, 10 45 21 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 23, 7 19 36 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 23, 10 08 32 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 24, 7 40 36 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 24, 7 38 48 PM.jpg
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