Wow. It’s been a while. Hello! Here’s some new(-ish) stuff.

My favorite projects have always felt like when I was a kid and would beg my teachers to let me make a video instead of writing an essay for whatever book report we were working on. Over the past few months, I’ve spent some time hanging out with a few friends of mine and put together a couple of short pieces to document the heart and dedication behind their craft. Being around people like Shealeen, Matt, and Sarah who are so passionately putting their talents to use has been so encouraging to me through this season. Enjoy a small window into the incredible work they’re pouring themselves into:

These projects were labors of love done alongside some of the best:

My ride or die cinematographer and friend, Jon Marzolla, was behind the lens for the shealeen piece and a few shots on the 1981 video.

Vanita Joines wrote the music for the Shealeen video (which was played by both Shealeen and her husband, Dan,) and was masterfully mixed by Kyle Monroe Tiny Tape Room.


On another (random) note, it’d be prettttty hard to have missed if you follow me on any form of social media, but to explain the new “bread” section on the site, I’ve started offering sourdough loaves from my biweekly bakes because I can’t eat all this bread fast enough and am at a place with a consistent result that I’m proud to share. If you’re in Nashville, head over to to snag a loaf! I’m also working on putting together a small pop-up in early May! More on that to come.

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