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A Day In The Life of Vanita

Vanita and I spend almost all day every day together, yesterday I filmed it. Usually in search of something delicious and always in the middle of making her point, this is what a day in the life of Vanita looks like.

joe gomez
That Time We Went to Hawaii

One of the best parts about going to my sister’s wedding in Hawaii was that it was not a destination wedding. This is where she has lived for almost 6 years now and may never leave. I am beyond proud of the girl I grew up beside, who has always perfectly balanced being one of the sweetest caring people I’ve ever known while also being one of the silliest punks to ever give everyone a hard time. To cut to the chase, here is what Vanita and I saw, ate, and did while we were there. It did my heart too much good to be around my family for a week. Hawaii is awesome. You should go.

Side note: The drone you see us flying is my cousin’s Inspire2, but the footage is from my Mavic because I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait for him to upload it. I will share the footage from our co-piloted flight soon.

joe gomez