Overflow // Rivers & Robots

music video treatment by Joe Gomez

Overflow, to me, is reaction. Marveling at depth, declaration in response.

It pushes the speaker to action with words like “you make me come to life” because they’ve been (over)filled with love.

I want this video to be a visualization of that moment. The uninhibited reaction of such a gift, the first move after the inhale.

I want to do a movement performance piece that begins with our performer in a box constructed of quasar tube lights and to have them break free from the constraint, dancing around the literal box they were kept in with the inspired freedom of long reaching and flowing movement.



The “box” we will build will be based from a a set of two square frames for the lights to be rigged upon.

Serving both as the initial containment for the performer and then as a set piece (as well as really cool light to play off of,) our story will be centered around the breaking free and out of the box and the performers freedom to exist and flow

I want to find a large empty industrial space for the performance and this set piece to exist in, something stark and dreary at the beginning, but that gives space to and becomes the home of this worshipful response. Mixing some haze with the futuristic light installation and natural cement or wood textures will echo the blend of other worldly subject of the song.

set design.jpg


To support the performance, I want to introduce several texture and graphic elements throughout to deliver even more impact within certain moments and movements.

Highlighting and exaggerating action, literally drawing our performers outline filling up, letting the colors used evolve as the song does, I want to double up on the visualization of the song, conveying this out of body element, the life giving love of God.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my vision for this song.

I think it’s a great opportunity to make a strong and impactful visual companion to a song that revisits and reframes our view of and response to God’s love.

-Joe Gomez