Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze (Narrative/Short Film) - A French Canadian tourist visits an American beach town, but struggles to embrace what might be waiting outside of her hotel room.



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The City of Joy

The City of Joy - a documentary about life in the slums and villages of India. Following a girl trying to get an education, a mother raising two daughters alone, and a man who pulls a rickshaw through the city streets of Kolkata to provide for a family of seven, this is a portrait of the dreams, challenges, determination, and daily lives of three people and the city they live in.

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2017 One Second A Day

2017: One Second Per Day - Through 2017, I filmed one second per day. Mostly from my phone, with, a few shots on a drone and the big camera, this added up to be a pretty accurate look at my year and undeniable evidence that I get to hang out with some really cool friends, travel a lot, eat a ton of ramen, am slightly too enamored by my dog, and share it all with a fiercely wonderful woman.

Here is the short (roughly one second per week) version:

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Wonder Woman

A one take performance music video directed for Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes. Shot on an iPhone with Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens and Filmic Pro.

Performance by Elisha Curb and Georgia Marcengill
Producer: Beth Mathews
Director of Photography: Jonathan Marzolla

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Little Things In Between

Little Things In Between - a short doc about some of the people I live among in a rapidly changing neighborhood of southern Nashville.

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Anything Can Be

Anything Can Be - A fashion short film that I wrote and directed for the launch of Loor Magazine.

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Madewell x Pennyweight

Madewell x Pennyweight - ad spot made in partnership with Pennyweight for the launch of Madewell's denim line.

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Two Ten Jack: Noodle Night (Camera Test)

Two Ten Jack: Noodle Night - Literally an assembly of shots from an evening spent in the kitchen before and during a special dinner service at Nashville izakaya and ramen house, Two Ten Jack.

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Travels With Mowgli

From November 1st-25th of 2015, my wife and I loaded our stuff and our dog into our Prius and headed out for a 8,727 mile work trip from Nashville, through Texas, down to San Diego, stopping all the way up the coast to Seattle and back. Here's what we saw along the way. Shot on iPhone.

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Otis James

Otis James - One of my very first projects, a profile on Tennessee based hat and tie designer, Otis James.

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