The City of Joy

The City of Joy is a documentary about life in the slums and villages of India. Following a girl trying to get an education, a mother raising two daughters alone, and a man who pulls a rickshaw through the city streets of Kolkata to provide for a family of seven, this is a portrait of the dreams, challenges, determination, and daily lives of three people and the city they live in. Learn more about the film at


Director: Joe Gomez
Producer: Seth Jones
Editor: Lucas Harger
Sound Design and Final Mix: Steve Horne
Music by: Mark Campbell and Vanita Joines
Production Coordinators: Piyas Dei and Jaiashree Francis
Translator: Priya Ranjan Panigrahi
Director of Photography: Joe Gomez
Colorist: Lucas Harger
Graphic Design: Sarah Sung
Title Design: Casey Latiolais
String Players: Veronica Joines and Syneva Colle

joe gomez